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    Lead by Vision is a modern educational platform that provides tools, resources, and ideas for leaders to boost their growth and build high performing teams. Through insights and stories from shared experiences, you’ll discover, refine, and master your authentic leadership blueprint; Learn to fiercely trust yourself. 

    Where leaders learn to live and lead courageously aligned with their vision.

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    I’ve worked in the corporate world since 2005, continuously progressing professionally at an accelerated pace. I enjoy the tension of being tough minded on performance and standards, but tenderhearted on people. My work guides the shifting tides of ease over chaos. I lead teams and encourage leaders to tap into their authentic power, fueled by their unique vision.

    Fortune 500 Executive // Leadership Coach & Educator // Diversity Advocate

    Tugba Yanaz

    "being led by
    a vision is the
    most powerful driving force one can access" 

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